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L.O.V.E SuJu

Ah, Ah, hana, dul, set. Welcome to the Super Show! Let’s Go~!!
My name is DongHae. Let’s party tonight!!
geudae-e maeume boreul jilreo
naega wonjo yeoja killer
munja sseottda jiwottdaga sseottda
jiwottdaga hage hak kkosyeo bolra
bame jam mot jage michidorok gamanduji anha
nareul malril saenggak haji mara geureodaga dachindaassa ppil badasseo bamsaedorok dalrilkka
nugul nae mamdaero bamsae bureul jireulkka
Hey won’t you take me to funky town
I’m international Baby 1,2,3 Let’s go

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